Rogue Artists Ensemble at Garry Marshall Theatre, Los Angeles CA

by Chelsea Sutton | director: Sean Cawelti

lighting: Joey Guthman  | set: Francois Pierre Couture, Matthew G. Hill | sound: Stephen Swift | projections: Dallas Nichols | costumes: Lori Meeker | puppets: Sean Cawelti, Jack Pullman, Morgan Rebane


"Wood Boy Dog Fish is a visual feast that combines masks, highly expressive physical performance, dance, interactive sets, multiple puppetry traditions, projected media and sophisticated special effects and illusions - including 3D enhancement - to transport audiences inside an old carnival ride.."- BroadwayWorld
"Joey Guthman’s masterful lighting design, and Peter Helstrom’s LED design all combine to make Wood Boy Dog Fish a visual feast that would do the creator of The Nightmare Before Christmas proud."- Stage Scene LA
"There are effects, incredible lighting, sound design and even an entire number in 3D. You will be required to wear the glasses!!" - NoHo Arts District
"I have to emphasize that this production does not shy away from the darkness of Collodi's original story."- Nightmarish Conjurings
"remarkable design team, all of whom deserve considerable acknowledgement."- Stage Raw
"Wood Boy Dog Fish is as collaborative as theatre can get. Every group — from the half-dozen puppet designers to the two scene designers, the two costume designers, the three lighting and video designers, the two sound designers (plus composer), two stage managers, half-dozen puppeteers, and the actors — works as a closely sychronized team"- Theatre Ghost